To ensure your visits are EXTRAORDINARY, here is what to expect after you schedule your appointment:

Your First Visit


Complete the online Practice Member intake forms at least 24 hours in advance so Dr. Joanne can get to know you better and be prepared for your appointment.


You will meet with Dr. Joanne to review your health history as well as create your vision of ideal living.


The MyoVision utilizes technology similar to the EKG. Instead of measuring heart muscle patterns, we measure the muscular compensation about the spine. Muscles compensate for pain and/or spinal subluxation by tensing up to brace and guard. The MyoVision objectively documents this pattern of muscular guarding, establishing need for care and tracking progress over time. The scan is non-invasive and does not cause pain or irritation. This makes it safe for children, pregnant women and seniors. If you have questions, just ask.

One of the main rules here at Dr. Joanne’s office is that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask, so…ASK AWAY! Your understanding of the AMAZING healing power of your body will greatly improve your results.


WHEW…you will not be prodded, poked, or pricked like a pin cushion. You will receive a Comprehensive Chiropractic Examination which aids Dr. Joanne in understanding the cause of your health challenge(s) to create your customized Care Plan.


It may be necessary to have x-rays of your spine taken to determine the severity and complexity of the subluxation complex that is causing your problems and to rule out any pathology. Dr. Joanne will not guess about your health.

Your Second Visit


During your second visit, Dr. Joanne will share what she discovered about your health based on your Consultation, Exams, Scans, and X-Rays (if they were taken). From there, she will provide you with your Customized Care Plan, which is the route for regaining and keeping your health. During that time she will also share ways in which you can save money on your care. We find that it’s much easier to bring your spouse/significant other with you so that they can hear what Dr. Joanne reports concerning your health.

As well, it’s best when your spouse/significant other can ask questions if they so desire.

Plan to spend 30-minutes at our office during this visit. All other visits last about 10-15 minutes.

We fully embrace that you do not live to get adjusted but rather get adjusted to FULLY  LIVE!!

You will be checked for vertebral subluxation and if present you’ll get adjusted. It’s as simple as that.

We are honored to partner with you for optimum living!