Brain Blossom program is a multi-step approach to Neuro-Deflective behaviors that are associated with developmental, behavioral, socialization, and learning challenges in children and adults. The program is made up of four pillars which all work in conjunction with each other to provide the greatest amount of healing and change while addressing the bigger picture of underlying nervous system stress.

Each of these pillars, on their own, can have a dramatic effect on those suffering from neurodevelopment challenges, but the Brian Blossom program stands alone as the only program of its kind in the world that uses them together! ADD/ADHD, Asperger syndrome, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, learning disabilities, and other undiagnosed behavioral, social, learning, and developmental problems are all included as Neuro-Deflective behaviors that can be helped by the Brain Blossom program.

The second (and much longer) answer about “What is the Brain Blossom program?” is the one that Dr. Joanne provides to the community once a month for free in the form of a 60-ish minute community lecture. This lecture allows us the time to break down each one of the four pillars and explain how they function in providing the body the tools it needs to heal itself. There is simply no quick answer to describe exactly how the program will benefit you or your child without you attending a lecture to get the full scope. If you are unavailable to attend a lecture for any reason, we can also supply you with a webinar video of the lecture at no cost or obligation.