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Maricopa Chiropractor | Maricopa chiropractic care | AZ | How Do I Become A Patient?

Dr. Joanne Siebert, Chiropractic Physician


Maricopa, AZ

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How Do I Become A Patient?
Sign up here to receive a free 20 minute Reclaim Your Health session with Dr. Siebert

The process to become a patient at the AZ Health Development Center is very easy.

Any potential new patient can take advantage of a free RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH session with Dr. Siebert.  This is a 20 minute, private telephone consultation in which Dr. Siebert will explore and reveal the exact areas involved in your health situation and determine if you are a good fit to receive this type of healthcare.  She will also discuss the things you can do to reach a level of health and balance you have never experienced before.

This session will answer many of the common questions people have about undertaking this method of healthcare for themselves or their family members.  This method of healthcare will ultimately not only improve your overall health, but will save you time and money as well. This makes the decision to take advantage of our complimentary RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH session because there is absolutely NO RISK to find out if Dr. Siebert can help you.  Call 520-350-1337 to sign up now!

After this consultation, should you decide that this is the type of healthcare you want, you will then schedule an appointment to see the doctor.  This will be the beginning of your journey to restoring and improving your health.

If it is not, you will have not spent any money, but you will have gained valuable information and are always welcome to change your mind and come see us in the future!

What Happens on the First Visit with the Doctor?

The first visit typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes, with follow-up visits lasting between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on your unique situation. The doctor will meet with you and review your intake paperwork. You will discuss your health concerns and be thoroughly examined utilizing muscle kinesiology and other traditional examination procedures.  Usually these tests will give Dr. Siebert all the information she needs to help you get your health moving in the right direction! 


Maricopa Chiropractor | How Do I Become A Patient?. Dr. Joanne Siebert is a Maricopa Chiropractor.